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Serving Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.

Serving Maryland and Washington, D.C.

Serving Fairfax and Loudoun Counties and the
surrounding area

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Serving Maryland, Virginia,
and Washington, D.C.

Serving Maryland and Washington, D.C.

Serving Fairfax and Loudoun
Counties and the surrounding area

24 Hour Emergency Services, 7 Days a Week

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Never Delay With Generator Repairs!


Generators serve as lifelines during power outages, ensuring a seamless flow of electricity for both residential and commercial spaces. However, the reliability of generators depends on their proper maintenance and timely repairs. In this blog post, we’ll explore why procrastinating with generator repairs can lead to significant problems, as well as how to tell it’s time to call for the team at B&B for the quality repair work you need!

Consequences of Delayed Generator Repairs

Increased Repair Costs

Delaying generator repairs often results in more extensive damage, leading to higher repair costs. What might have been a minor and inexpensive fix can escalate into a major overhaul if neglected. Investing in timely repairs not only preserves your generator but also saves you money in the long run.

Downtime and Disruptions

A malfunctioning generator can cause significant downtime and disruptions, especially in commercial settings. Extended periods without power can disrupt operations, affect productivity, and lead to financial losses. Timely repairs ensure a continuous and reliable power supply, minimizing disruptions.

Safety Concerns

Neglected generator issues can pose safety hazards. Whether it’s faulty wiring, damaged components, or fuel-related problems, addressing these issues promptly is crucial for the safety of individuals working around the generator. Safety should always be a top priority in generator maintenance.

Signs Your Generator May Need Repairs

Unusual Noises

Generators typically produce consistent humming or buzzing sounds. Any deviation from these usual sounds could signal underlying issues. Rattling, banging, or grinding noises are warning signs that should not be ignored. Identifying and addressing abnormal sounds promptly can prevent more extensive damage to the generator.

Decreased Power Output

The consistent supply of power is crucial for the efficient functioning of generators. If you notice a decline in power output or fluctuations in electricity supply, it’s an indication that your generator may need attention. Monitoring and detecting power output issues early can prevent unexpected power failures.

Fuel Efficiency Drop

Fuel efficiency is a key aspect of a generator’s performance. Changes in fuel consumption patterns, such as increased fuel usage without a corresponding increase in power output, may suggest potential issues. Keeping an eye on fuel efficiency helps in identifying problems before they escalate.

Oil Leaks or Puddles

Oil is essential for the smooth operation of a generator. Any visible oil leaks or puddles around the generator are signs of trouble. Ignoring these issues can lead to decreased lubrication and increased friction, potentially causing severe damage to the generator’s components.

Startup Issues

A generator should start smoothly without any hiccups. If you experience difficulties during startup, such as prolonged cranking or repeated failures to start, it’s a clear indication that repairs are needed. Addressing startup issues promptly can prevent further damage to the generator.

Why DIY Is Not Recommended

Attempting to fix generator issues without proper knowledge and expertise can lead to more harm than good. DIY repairs might temporarily address the symptoms but could overlook underlying problems. Professionals have the experience and skills to diagnose issues accurately and provide effective solutions.

Never underestimate the importance of timely generator repairs! You can entrust any generator repair in Frederick, MD that you need to our experienced team.

Rely on B&B Air Conditioning & Heating Service. We are always there when you need us. 

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